Some Tips to Observe When Offering German Shepherd Puppy Training

By | December 12, 2015

Bringing home a puppy for a pet is fun and awesome. Especially if you go for a German Shepherd, you will be amazed by the experience this dog can introduce to your life.

However, it’s important to learn about a few things concerning proper care and upkeep of your new found loving friend, perhaps that you introduce to your home as part of the family perhaps. You will need to train the small dog on feeding, peeing, pooping, and maintaining cleanliness.

Unless you want to have it as a guard dog, you will have to train him to be less aggressive and to maintain obedience of high level. You do not want him to grow up to become the reason why your neighbors or guests have to ring your phone from outside the yard, for their own security purposes.

But how is German Shepherd puppy training better done? Well, here are a few tips to help you out, even as you plan on seeking an expert for more.

  1. Be Friendly

If you want a dog to love you and obey you;, you definitely have to develop a positive relationship with them, precisely at young age. Cuddle your German Shepherd puppy and make him adore you as you plan your training schedule. By doing this, you are actually training them on loyalty and interaction.

  1. Set Up A Suitable Confinement

The other important thing to look at is where you place them in the house, especially during the night or the times that you are away. There are pet crates and other suitable in door structures you can try, but don’t attempt to lock up your puppy for long hours. This can alter his moods and create boredom, and might affect the entire training. By doing this, you are actually training them on good indoor habits to observe.

  1. Be Consistent

You will have to train your puppy on feeding and going to pee or eliminating. For this to work out well, develop a consistent way of doing things. For instance, feed him at a defined time, say breakfast at 9am and lunch at 12am. Also develop a structured schedule of when you take them to pee or poop and you will see how fast this intelligent puppy will learn things.

  1. Praise Your Puppy And Make It Fun

Puppies love to feel appreciated when they learn a new trick. You will also note that they will try their best to please you by doing the tricks that you love as they grow. In this sense, make sure you develop a suitable way of praising him for a good job. As you go along, discover his favorite game and try to play it with him before training sessions. When he errs, do not be harsh but rather insist by disapproving in a pleasant but authoritative manner.



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