A Walk through the History of Dachshunds

By | December 12, 2015

There are many types of dogs in this time and age, most of them loved for their beauty as pets, while others are adored for their suitability as protectors and guards. Well, some of the most commonly kept types of dogs are the Dachshunds, whose History will be briefly looked at in this article.

These slightly aggressive friends of man have been around for quite some time and are loved by many as pets or as hunting dogs. They are well build but not so large in size and exists in various coat colors and for adopters to choose from. To familiarize you more about this awesome dog, here is a brief History of the Dachshunds.

a) Dachshund Origin
The name Dachshund originated from Germany some centuries back, which was coined by the fusion of two names being dachs and hund; to mean badger dog respectively. From historical drawings, their history can be dated back to as early as the 15 century in Germany.

It was used to prey on badgers, scare away foxes and other wild animals, as well as hunting eagles. There were several breeds of this dog, which were also used in hunting rabbits, hares and weasels. It was common among the German foresters, who created the breed that could get deep into burrows in search for badgers. There is word that they originated from a cross between the French Braque breed and the pinscher.
b) Hunting Suitability
Along the years, breeding and more breeding was done, until finally came a hund suitable for hunting both underground and above. Their front limbs were designed to be suitable in burrowing through underground tunnels in search of prey.

The paws are quite suitable for scrabbling out earth and digging efficiently through the trails of their prey. Their nooses were also suitable to detect their prey and their loud barks fit for the owner’s sake in finding the dog.
c) Popularity Of The Pet Breed
It was not until the early 18th century when Dachshunds gained enormous popularity as pets, a greater number of imports into the US from Germany were observed shortly after the WWI, a greater number of them being for home use rather than hunting.

This then became a trend some decades later, spreading top places like the Britain and France. It is only however in very few places that they are still used or considered as hunting dogs; France for instance.
d) Dachshunds Of Today
The present day Dachshunds may not be a close match to those depicted by the German history in terms of size and built.

The present day breeds are smaller and perhaps even less aggressive. However, they still retain the genetic fearlessness and tenacity of their predecessors. The Dachshunds puppies are great dogs for pets.

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