Thank you for your interest in the ELPO Farrier School.  As the Equine Lameness Prevention Organization strives to provide information and education opportunities to the equine community, we are introducing a full length farrier school to our list of offered courses.  This full eight (8) week course is intended to give individuals interested in hoof care as a part-time or full-time profession, the skills and information needed to meet the basic requirements of farriery.  Through this course, participants will learn horse anatomy & foot function, horse handling skills, forging skills, tool use, gait & hoof evaluation, detailed ELPO Hoofcare protocols, and an introduction to lameness recognition and treatment.  Successful graduates will possess good basic professional farrier skills. These skills should enable them to begin their own entry level farrier business performing normal, everyday shoeing.  By adding an apprenticeship after completion of the course, and attending continuing education clinics and further classes in the future, the graduate farrier can expand on that solid base of skills to achieve higher professional levels with time.

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