A Walk through the History of Dachshunds

There are many types of dogs in this time and age, most of them loved for their beauty as pets, while others are adored for their suitability as protectors and guards. Well, some of the most commonly kept types of dogs are the Dachshunds, whose History will be briefly looked at in this article. These… Read More »

How to Get a Sick Dog To Eat

If your dog isn’t eating, it could be symptomatic of a more serious condition. In the video below you will see a Vet give advice on reasons as to why your pet may not want to eat as wellas potential foods to give him.

Dog Stomach Sickness

There are many home made remedies you can follow when your dog has a stomach illness. If there is vomiting involved, some of the home remedies may be simple. But you will probably one to take your pet to the Vet if they persist. Watch the video and see how this vet suggests some of… Read More »

Dog Hip Pain Relief

In this video you will see a “Do It Yourself” technique to provide minor dog hip pain relief. Please note this technique will not eliminate the problem but it will provide some minor relief. Your dog will probably feel better also. This is something to consider and not necessarily a cure. Hope this video provided… Read More »